Post Gunung Tahan

Indeed, the calmness of being in the forest is the most valuable feeling.

The stream of water combined with the sound of birds will made you lose into your own deep thoughts.

Opening up social media is a heavy task for me. There are a lot of noises going inside my mind the minute I read a tweet or scroll a picture.

Somehow it’s true that our experience will shape us.

And by going deep into the nature it made me wanting to cut off my relationship with social media.

On my next post, I will share my experience being inside Pahang Forest Reserve for 8 days.

All the struggles will also be included.


Recording UFM for Raya

Yesterday I recorded my dj session for Raya.

We do this so that during Raya, everyone can enjoy their Raya.

It is actually very tough to record something that is in the future.

I had to imagine as if it is Raya now.

As if the rendang and ketupat are there on the table.

As if I can go out for a lunch after the dj session.

As if I have received Raya’s money.

But after reaching 15th recording session, I can finally imagine it.

Like, very clear and strong image of Raya.

I became more fluent in speaking and the ideas are even nicer.

I became more relaxed, believing that it was Raya.

Getting out from the recording room, my throat began to feel like a sharp pain.

It is normal as fasting and talking were never a good combination after all.

But I did not realize the pain, cause I thought it was Raya.

I would like to apply this visualisation technique in achieving my dreams.

Believing that I have it. I really have it.

I will feel more relaxed and a deep sense of trust in myself that I can do it.

Family Problem

I was having a conversation with my friend that shared their family problems.

For a brief moment, I forgot how to appreciate a stable family. A simple and stable family that on the surface may look like nothing interesting is happening, but we cherish the small thing.

Maybe we do not have holidays to various places in the world or going to shopping mall and spending thousands of dollar.

Just a normal, everyday family. Stable throughout the years and can let you grow with sufficient supply of money.

I realized, to actually achieve stability is hard. We can be extremely rich, but the families are abandoned. We can be poor and have a lot of time, but the needs are not fulfilled.


Achieving both good income and sufficient time to spend with family.

To be able to solve problems, without getting into fight.

Having your family live without any big distraction that could potentially damage their self-development.

Indeed, stability is something that is often overlooked but it is that one thing that is so hard to achieve.

Penalty Kick In Decathlon

The camping trip is this week and we will often go to Decathlon to find our stuff.

We will play with all the balls and what not. Throwing it until it almost get out of the window.

Use the punching bags as if we were Muhammad Ali. Using the belts and do squats in public.

Doing a penalty kick like we are in a football match. And having our other friend as the goalkeeper.

Decathlon USJ have a special place in my heart that I will remember forever.

There will be more camping trips and going back there again will relive the memories.

Well, it is true what they said, it is the crazy stuff that you did that will be remembered.


Yesterday, it was a good and fulfilling day. A good workout and end it with a dodgeball game with friends.

It was satisfying because I managed to invite my close friend to play it with me.

The younger students was so good though. They had the energy and speed.

While I am playing with my injured leg. But it is all good. I put knee guard and the game is on!

The leg injury was due to my squat exercise in the gym. I slowly have increased my squat but with a machine.

Also, about exercise, many people want me to train with them but they never really set an appointment with me.

They are expecting me to go and plan it for them. I often wonder why.

Maybe they are not serious about it. Because I have problems in knowing whether you are serious or not.

That aside, the dodgeball game was FUN! All thanks to my friend who want to come and play together.

If it was just me alone, that would be very boring. You guys are the best.

My Friend Is A Food CRITIC!

The other my friend cooked something and receiving bad comments about it. Well, of course she was offended.

And you may ask ‘What is the best way to comment on someone’s cooking?’

Let me share you a story. I had a cousin who is in culinary field.

So, there is this family gathering and I made cinnamon bread. It was so sweet, and the cinnamon was too much. Guess what he said after tasting it?

‘It was really good!

I am like ‘really?’, and he goes ‘yeah! Really’.

I know the cinnamon bread sucks but in that instant, I felt a great amount of respect for him.

Now, we know how good food taste like and for sure the bad one will be very obvious.

I do not have any specific way to comment on someone’s cooking because it depends on the situation.

My basic rule is:

  • Is this a cooking competition?
  • Am I being asked to judge honestly?
  • Is the person trying to improve?
  • Is he/she someone close to you?

Hope it helps. Happy eating.