Old Debate: Practical vs Experience

As a student, I often felt discouraged by the fact that I don’t know how to apply most of my knowledge. With approximately 1 and a half year to finish my course, I am slowly not getting the point of learning further.

In the end, this theory that I have learned will not be fully used when I worked. Even employers are looking people with “practical experience”. It is rare to see employers looking a really smart student that memorizes all theory. But what is theory actually?

You can google it if you want to, but personally, I liked to see theory as professional thoughts. Like what I am doing with this blog, stating one theory to another.

From my experience, theory never really did help me out except during my exam. I am not sure why theory did not work out well even though supposedly it comes from professionals. There are sometimes I felt learning too much of theory is a waste of time because in the end you will start from the bottom when you work.

.               .               .

Theory is good for us to start something, to have knowledge about something and to get a big picture of it. Practical on the other hand, will test your knowledge and the relevance of the theory. What you are learning may not be updated, mistype or unchecked and the way to overcome that is by practicality.

Practical will put you in the situation and automatically sets off any distraction that is less important. In other words, practical and theory must go hand in hand to make it work.

For example, if we compare studying for 3 years with working for a business for, also, the same period of 3 years, I guess we can see which one does better.

To wrap it up, theory is important but it must be aligned with practical. With both of them goes together, your learning rate will be at a faster pace.


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